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More About Cowhide Covers Motorcycle Accessories Company

After years of trying to find a product that would prevent damage to the dash by the remote I decided to start my own business selling leather remote Ron & Marie DeLaughter at South Padre Beach at SPI in 2004 on their Honda Goldwingcovers....thus the name Cowhide Covers Motorcycle Accessories Company..

In April 2006 I registered the business and began the venture into the retail business selling just one product. By years end I had 3 and was on my way to selling unique and unusual products not normally found in the motorcycle accessories circut. I also started offering these products to other vendor's and by the end of 2009 I had over 50 products and several big name vendor's.

Cowhide Covers Motorcycle Accessories Company is a home-based business owned and operated by my wife and I (Ron & Maria). I am a retired Army Warrant Officer and now retired from the US Postal Service...plus an avid motorcycle enthusiast and GWRRA member (#209653). This business has afforded us the opportunity to expand our travels in a business environment and meet some exceptional people in our business dealings. We strive to provide quality products at a reasonable price with an emphasis on customer service.

I hope this gives you some insight into who we are and why we are here. I look forward to serving your accessory needs & wants and solicite your input for new and exciting product ideas. If you can't find what you want out there, give me a shout and let me do some searching for you.

Thanks for your interest and business! Here the DeLaughter's getting ready for a trip in 2002

Ron & Maria DeLaughter
Cowhide Covers