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Motorcycle Black Beaded Seat Cover w/Bungie cords GL1800 Goldwing Tour Bike - $40.00

Oversize Motorcycle Beaded Seat Covers fit Gold Wing seats and any motorcycle with a large seat. Keeps you cool with air flowing underneath you in hot days, no more sticking to your seat in hot weather. Fits Gold Wings, Harley Dressers, BMW's or any large seat.

Measures: 11.5 x 15

GL1800 Driver's Thru-Seat Backrest - Cowhide Covers

GL1800 Driver's Thru-Seat Backrest - $180.00

Adjustable In Seat Style Driver Backrest works With or Without the 06+ Newer Factory Heated Seat option. Easily mounts into top of driver seat and is clean looking with no side arm hardware, relax your back everytime you ride.

  • Adjustable, fold down and comes with permanently attached back storage pouch on the backrest pad
  • Mounting hardware is inserted through the driver backrest and requires a slit in the seat to mount hardware brackets underneath. This backrest WILL work on all GL 1800, including 2006-2012 with the heated seat option

No bars in the way of driver's hips and legs or passenger's legs. Folds forward to ease passenger getting on or off.

MSRP for this item is 199.9

J&M Visor - three snap visor

Back Rest Pivot Ring ($10.00)

This pin allows you to remove the backrest in seconds and reinstall it on another bike or just leave it off when the passenger rides with you. Eliminates the need to unscrew the bolt that comes with the backrest and easily attach or detach your GL1800 backrest.

East Mount Seat Bolts

GL 1800 Easy Mount Seat Bolts ($25.00)

Tired of struggling when you try to bolt your GL1800 Gold Wing seat back onto your bike. Sold in a set of 4, GL1800 Easy Mount Seat Bolts feature specially machined pointed end bolts that are slightly longer and make lining up and bolting your seat back onto your Gold Wing easy!

This has been a common complaint from many Gold Wing riders after they remove their seat, then struggle to line up the bolt holes with stock bolts. If you ever remove your seat for any reason, these are a must- have item to make it a simple and easy task. (Sold as 4-pack)