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GL1800 Brake Pedal Accent - $15.00

Brake Pedal accent: For the one that has all the chrome, what the heck is one more piece, fills in the spot behind the brake pedal.

CB Antenna Glow Light Electrical

CB Antenna Glow Light - $10.00

CB Antenna Glow Lite: Easily installed, Push onto antenna tip, will glow when transmitting. (more visible at night)


Dash Accessory-GL1800 GPS Visor

GL1800 GPS Visor - $25.00

Visor for GPS, fits GPS and GPS111, made of textured, black ABS. Easily installed with high bond tape.


Dash Accessory

GL1800 Mirror Turn Directional Lights - $35.00

Mirror Directional Lights: (Signal Lights) picture shown is 20 lights, but sold in pairs of 10 lights each, installs in minutes, bond it to inside of mirror housing with High bond tape, connect two wires. These are bulbs, not LED's.

<empty>GL1800 Driver's Thru-Seat Backrest - Cowhide Covers

GL1800 Driver's Thru-Seat Backrest - $180.00

Adjustable In Seat Style Driver Backrest works With or Without the 06+ Newer Factory Heated Seat option. Easily mounts into top of driver seat and is clean looking with no side arm hardware, relax your back everytime you ride.

  • Adjustable, fold down and comes with permanently attached back storage pouch on the backrest pad
  • Mounting hardware is inserted through the driver backrest and requires a slit in the seat to mount hardware brackets underneath. This backrest WILL work on all GL 1800, including 2006-2012 with the heated seat option

No bars in the way of driver's hips and legs or passenger's legs. Folds forward to ease passenger getting on or off.

MSRP for this item is 199.99

Cowboy & Motorcycle Boot Anklets - 9 available at Cowhide Covers Motorcycle Accessories

Cowboy & Motorcycle Boot Anklets - $25.00

These anklets are the best thing to happen to your boots since you broke them in... This item contains Black & Orange Czech Crystals, Silver plated tubes, chain and the Winged Bar & Shield emblem. Show off your Biker Chic spirit when your riding and when your not. Adjustable to fit your cowboy boots, your fashion boots and your winter boots, too!

Length: 14.25" to 15.75" adjustable.

Made in Texas, USA.

Available in 9 styles

GL1800 Rear Pouch Door Chrome Accent with Condor find online at Cowhide Covers

GL1800 Rear Pouch Door Chrome Accent with Condor - $30.00

You are buying 2 rear pouch door accents with GL1800 mini condor's.

These accents add so much to the look of the bike. These easy to install small chrome accents go on with self adhesive tape and fit over the rear door pouch latch. They measure 1" x 2" and are sold in pairs.

Universal Fit 2" Chrome Hitch Receiver  available online at Cowhide Covers - Harley davidson GL1800 prdducts

Universal Fit 2" Chrome Hitch Receiver ($15.00)

You are purchasing 1 chrome receiver cover that is 3 1/2 inches wide and 2 1/2 inches high. Hitch cover simply slides into 2" hitch space and you slide the hitch pin thru the hitch & hitch cover.

2001 - 2010 GL1800 Chrome Radio Knobs with Raised Eagle Emblem

2001 - 2010 GL1800 Chrome Radio Knobs with Raised Eagle Emblem - $25.00

A pair of chromed ABS Radio Knobs with raised eagle emblem to replace the dull OEM black volume and mode controls. The replacement knobs reuse the OEM clips and easily snap into place for a secure fit.

2012 & Newer GL1800 Remote Covers - $15.00

These remote control covers are designed to prevent damage to the console by the remote while riding. This rubber cover allows you to keep the remote where it was meant to be kept, handily attached to your key. The cover has custom cutouts for easy button operation and the cover does not effect the remotes mechanical function.

To install, apply a light coat of dishsoap inside of cover so that remote slides in easily.

Motorcycle Beverage Cooler - $25.00

This product is a scientifically designed 8"x19" cooler designed to fit in a sidesaddle bag or trunk of any touring motorcycle. Each cooler comes with a customized re-useable gel pack to keep six 12 oz. cans cold for 4 hours ~ guaranteed! Each cooler is made of durable 300x600D polyester with a 1 ounce PU coating. The insulation consists of thick closed cell insulative foam. The reflective fabric is .2mm PU with Solar reflective film coating. This resist mold and mildew for years to come! A shoulder strap is included with each one for multiple uses.

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Beaded Seat Covers w/bungie Attachment Cords

Beaded Seat Covers w/Bungie Attachment Cords  ($40.00)

Black wooden beaded seat cover for all Goldwings that measures 15" across the back & 11" front to back and comes with bungie cords on each corner.

This new design is made larger to fit the Harley & Gold Wing seats. More comfortable, allows air to flow and keeps your bottom off a wet seat. Works on both the driver and passenger seats.

Large Gold Flying Eagle Emblem or Medallion looks great on the windsheild or trunk of Honda GL1800

Large Gold Flying Eagle Emblem or Medallion - $25.00

This American flying eagle spans an impressive 6-1/4" from wingtip to wingtip. The heavy metal casting is plated in a lustrous gold-tone for durability and long lasting beauty. It has a slight curve to fit surfaces such as the area just below the windshield but it can also be easily straightened by hand for use on flat surfaces. It attaches using two-sided industrial-grade tape (included, pre-applied) so no drilling is required.

Freedom Isn't Free Antenna Flag custom made size for Motorcycles.. contact Cowhide Covers for details

Freedom Isn't Free Antenna Flag - $20.00

This custom made flag is 5 1/2"x10" in size

Eight Inch Leather Hairglove with 5 Star Conch and Fringe available online at Cowhide Covers

Eight Inch Leather Hairglove with 5 Star Conch and Fringe - $30.00

The Hair Glove® PREVENTS KNOTTING AND TANGLING while keeping hair protected from exhaust, dirt, dust and other damaging elements. Our patented built-in Flex-Hook™ keeps the Hair Glove® from sliding out at all speeds and activities while the cylindrical design provides a sleek and stylish look to the person wearing it. Simply hook it, wrap it, snap it and go! They are available in a variety of lengths, colors, materials and designs that perfectly compliment all kinds of motor clothes such as jackets, chaps, boots and belts, giving you the look you desire and the comfort you deserve. As you roll the throttle and lean through the curves you no longer have to deal with unsightly cheap barrettes, pinching metal-bound elastics or that snarl combing torture of dirty hair once you reach your destination.

Luckenbach Souvenir Cloth Patch online motorcycle accessories Cowhide Covers

Luckenbach Souvenir Cloth Patch - $10.00

4 " wide x 2 3/4" tall Luckenbach patch in Blue.